6 Months – 1 Year

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Hero Baby 2 nutradefense is supplemented with: DHA/AA: Supports your baby?s cognitive development; attention, memory, learning, language, decision making, problem solving & IQ score. Also plays important role in supporting visual acuity & nervous system development. Developing your baby?s immunity & reducing the incidence of allergies that your baby may face in childhood. 2. Prebiotics GOS: Natural fibers as in breast milk that enhance your baby?s intestinal immunity through supporting the growth of healthy bacteria thus protect against harmful ones. Prebiotics GOS induce softer stool consistency and more comfort, so your little angel will not suffer constipation, gases or colic. 3. Nucleotides: Strengthen the immune system & improve the gut performance by reducing frequency, severity & duration of diarrheal episodes which are very common during early months of life. Support proper weight gain and head circumference development. Important notice: Breastfeeding is the best for infants, Hero Baby 2 nutradefense should only be used from 6 months of age when breastfeeding proves to be impossible or insufficient.

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