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This Fashkool hair treatment keeps your hair from breaking. Protect your hair from turning brittle, dry, and rough with the Fashkool Hair Mask With Honey and Milk Extract. It uses a unique formula that penetrates deep into the roots and reveals strengthened, shiny, and healthier hair. It is infused with vitamins and minerals, which are essential nutrients for your hair. It repairs and moisturizes any hair type. This mask is available in a portable package in a great 500ml capacity for long lasting use. Treat Your Hair at Home This Fashkool hair mask is made using a novel formula, which contains honey and milk extracts. It has vitamins and minerals that act as stimulants for strengthening your hair. It also repairs damaged hair and makes it stronger and shinier. One application, and you be stunned to find silky smooth, moisturized, and healthy hair. Gone are the signs of dryness, brittleness, and lacklusterness. When Do You Know You Need It When even after applying conditioners and lotions, your hair feels frizzy, dull, and dry, you know you need this Fashkool hair treatment every day. If you are experiencing hair fall, apply this mask regularly to reverse the damage to your hair easily and quickly at home. It has properties to give nutrients and moisture to your hair, making it look beautiful and sleek in no time. This honey and milk extract hair mask is very easy to apply and offers weeks of usage with its 500ml capacity.

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